Any great meeting plan starts with a list of objectives.

A few examples would be bringing people together to share an incredible experience and creating space that enables attendees to learn, which result in them returning with clear focus, renewed commitment and recharged energy. Whether your corporate event lasts for two days or two weeks, there are bound to be certain points where participants begin to get edgy, stress begins to take its toll, or energy and attention begin to wane. Even in the most interesting of meetings this can happen, whichcan lead to lower productivity and decreased satisfaction. One of your objectives may be to exceed expectations by throwing something unexpected into the mix, ensuring that attendees return to the meeting/job refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to get back to work. If this sounds good to you, then itís time you explore the Well-Meeting options available through VALEO, the space for leadership at the JW Marriott Chicago. The most simple way VALEO can help frazzled attendees is by providing spa, fitness and wellness experiences that soothe business-related ails, renew energy and realign purpose.

The key to a successful meeting is a Well-Meeting where business and personal Well-Being is enhanced!

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