Why Change? It’s Never Easy.

When your attempts to make necessary change in your life fail, do you get upset and become diverted in seeking the “why”? Does the original vision lose its energy and momentum? At VALEO, we believe that when you pinpoint your resistance to change, you can gain the clarity necessary to powerfully transform your initial vision into your new reality. This is true leadership. True leadership is about implementation and results. There are no strategies for implementation; there are only implementation decisions, choice and commitment. That is why making things happen is much more difficult than simply talking about them.

What if You Could…

• Invest your energy for the highest possible return?
• Be on your game, fresher, sharper, more accomplished poised than ever?
• Become mentally focused, making faster, more value-based decisions?
• Maintain high levels of physical energy throughout the day?
• Remain emotionally connected with people in the face of increasing demands?
• Ensure your family and friends get more than your energy leftovers?
• Recover faster when under stress?
• Maintain the commitment to being the best person you can be?

Our Invitation To You

Limited to just 250 individuals, VALEO’s exclusive program extends well beyond purposeless pampering and focuses meaningfully on nourishing your entire self from the interior to exterior, assisting you in becoming
your very best on all possible levels.

The only eligibility requirement to becoming a VALEO Member is your willingness to invest in yourself and to make a commitment to your personal wellness journey. When you deposit into and fund your Wellness Bank, a Wellness Bank Investment Advisor will work with you to co-create your Investment Strategy. VALEO’s unique concept is Wellness Defined By You and you are free to allocate your funds as you wish. As a potential member we ask only that you submit yourself to the experience of personal care leadership through the assistance of our dedicated core competency experts. You can expect a measureable return on your investment and acquire the tools necessary to steward your life to the breakthrough you desire. At that time, VALEO will accept your invitation to allow us into your life for continued growth as a member.


The Answer to ‘How’ is ‘Yes’!

To explore the potential of the distinctive opportunity and immense value that VALEO Membership could provide you, please contact Margaret Tam by email at MTam@VALEOChicago.com, by phone at (312) 660-8250.

Try our 12 WEEK BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAM to ring in the new year as the new you!



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